OVHcloud Servers: From Production to Delivery

OVHcloud Servers: From Production to Delivery

OVHcloud is proud to build its own bare metal servers in-house and offers a wide array of products to meet the needs of any business, from starters to enterprises. With manufacturing facilities in Europe and North America, we are committed to providing the latest-generation components and high-quality standards our customers have come to expect for their applications. Production expertise combined with sophisticated logistics also enables OVHcloud to guarantee fast delivery and offer customers more value for their money.

OVHcloud servers are produced in North America at our Beauharnois data center near Montreal, Quebec, in Canada.

The Process from Manufacturer to Client Delivery


OVHcloud leverages its logistics expertise and a streamlined manufacturing process to deliver a server in less than an hour after it is ordered.


1. Components Supply

Each day, a minimum of four components are received at the Beauharnois data center.

3 T of material a month.
1 T of unused cables and unnecessary raw materials like cardboard packaging are recycled or resold. OVHcloud’s philosophy: 100% of our waste has value.

Each component is carefully selected by the OVHcloud laboratories to design the optimal hardware architectures and deliver unparalleled robustness and reliability. These technological choices also serve to improve the recovery and switchover times, as well as high availability.


2. Storage

We have a one-month supply of components on hand during the manufacturing process.  This allows OVHcloud to meet ongoing demands and production cycles.


3. Manufacturing

Servers are built five days a week and when necessary, nights and weekends. Our professional team and streamlined production approach allow for the assembly of eight components of a server in 15 minutes.


4. Quality Testing

Once built, servers are moved to a test lab where they are powered and connected to the network (through a temporary IP address), and then the proprietary water-cooling system inside the casing is filled with water. Servers are tested for 25 to 30 minutes. Automated quality assurance software controls the operation of each component.


5. Assembly Process – IP Address

In parallel with the manufacturing, the servers are provided an IP address and assigned a specific location inside the data center.


6. Rack Assembly

Once an IP address and a location have been designated, the servers are assembled in a fully powered, networked, water-cooled rack.


7. Rack Transport

Once these racks are complete, the hardware is transported from the production facility to the data center. Since production usually takes place in the data center, this is a short trip. For the US, however, our servers are transported from Canada.


8. Installation in the Data Center

Once at the data center, the racked servers are installed, powered, cooled, and ready for service!


9. Ordering Options

We have many options depending on the business needs.  From the OVHcloud website, we have server options available that only take minutes to order.  Choose your server, select the location, the configuration, and the operating system, and then confirm your order.

Once the payment is verified, the delivery process begins to fulfill your order.


10. Provisioning Your Server

Once your order is complete, a server is allocated and then set-up depending on your specific configurations.


11. Server Delivery

You will receive the IP address of your server by email, as well as your user ID and password for the connection.


12. Billing

Invoices are sent via email and include the date and time your service was delivered.

This date marks the start of your relationship with OVHcloud!


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