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For assistance with an existing vCloudAir account, please call
+1 (844) 325-6233 or log into My VMWare Portal.


Twitter: @OVH_Support_US

vCloud Air

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Call us: +1 (844) 325-6233



Server down? Other issue? Get in touch with an OVH Customer Advocate to further investigate
To deal with an incident, OVH will carry out a diagnostic. If the diagnostic reveals the incident is OVH’s responsibility, the resolution of the incident is part of your service guarantee.  See contacts directly above.

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OVH has an amazing online community where you can find a huge library of documentation, our user forums, and a ton of online resources. Visit our community.

Features of OVH US Support

Self Help Support

Free, individual and/or community-based access to the following features:

  • Community Support through forums and social media platforms moderated by OVH Customer Advocates
  • Service health checks built right into OVH Manager
  • Additional Documentation <- Coming Soon


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