The right DevOps infrastructure means saving time and innovating more

OVHcloud offers powerful cloud environments with programmable API access to those environments’ advanced security to create a robust platform for your enterprise’s app development

Using the right environment

Devops Tools

Your new app needs to be quickly coded, run through quality assurance, improved, deployed, monitored, and reiterated — possibly several times a day. An out-of-date or a cumbersome platform slows down your time to market and gives competitors the occasion to steal your customers. And wouldn’t it be terrific to have full API access so you can view infrastructure as code? What you need is a powerful environment to run your DevOps tools, and rapidly and reliably deliver apps and services.

OVH cloud computing delivers outstanding DevOps value

DevOps Value


  • Computing power, storage options, and advanced networking that can integrate with your on-premises environment.

API accessible

  • API-manage your infrastructure. We make everything API accessible, and enable your infrastructure automation and productizing of your code through the stages of development. We use OpenStack, a mature open-source technology.

Advanced security

A platform for enterprise IT

  • With data center modernization and disaster recovery, you can address your business needs without changing your IT processes — and promote continuous integration and continuous deployment (CICD).

Our DevOps solutions deliver value


Speed to market

When you are faster to deploy the infrastructure and your code, you gain an opportunity to offer new services ahead of the crowd and establish your brand as a market leader.



Scaling as needed

Adjust capacity and services when you want and pay only for what you use. Generate efficiencies with simplified provisioning, configuration, and scaling — from the management console or via APIs.



Efficiency with automation

We love APIs and so will you! Automate routine chores such as development and test workflows, deployments, container management, and configuration management.


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