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Dedicated Servers

Choose the dedicated server that's right for you

Newcomers to OVHcloud™ will quickly notice that we offer a large range of server options, grouped into “families” that can sometimes be difficult at first to navigate. We’ll dive into each server range more in-depth in the following weeks, but reading through the following customer scenarios might help to point you in the right direction.


Data center innovation: Lower PUE means savings for our customers

One number that OVHcloud has been obsessed with since its early days designing data centers is the Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of its data centers. PUE is fairly self-explanatory: how efficiently is my data center using energy? By finding ways to reduce energy usage, service providers can reduce overhead. It’s one of the big reasons OVHcloud is able to offer reduced pricing.

Cloud Storage, Dedicated Servers

OVHcloud brings new, high-performance storage servers to the US

OVHcloud is rolling out a new line of storage servers today in our Vint Hill, VA data center, with Hillsboro, OR expected to follow next month. This is the first of several moves aimed at providing dedicated server customers with even greater performance for their most intensive workloads.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers vs colocation for small businesses

While the practice of colocation - renting space in a larger data center where the provider offers power, cooling, and connectivity to the outside world - is a popular option, more companies should consider dedicated hosting. There are many advantages to turning over management of your hardware to a company that is in the business of keeping infrastructure up and running.

Hosted Private Cloud

For One University, IT Resilience Meant Extending into the Cloud

IT resilience is not just about how you failover and failback. It’s about where your data lives, how it is protected, and how, when, and by whom it can be accessed. For many organizations, the answer will be a move to the cloud, as one of our higher education customers learned.

Disaster Recovery

From Climate Change to Human Error: Make IT Resilience a Priority for ...

Climate change, and the resulting increase in climate-related weather events, are top of mind for consumers and business leaders alike. It impacts industries like energy/utilities and agriculture, but it can also impact supply chains and operations of other organizations, as well, as Harvard Business School students discovered last year. 

Disaster Recovery, Hosted Private Cloud

Customer Story - OVHcloud Helps Baylor University Transition to the Cl...

OVHcloud recently helped Baylor University, located in Waco, Texas, make a seamless transition to the cloud. Baylor manages a large amount of data for its students, alumni and faculty – as such, having redundancy with both an onsite data center and off-site cloud environment for back-up and recovery was extremely important to their success.

Hosted Private Cloud

Hot Migrations - A low risk path to the cloud for your legacy applicat...

Hot migration is the process of moving an active workload from one data center to another. There are a few scenarios where hot migration would be applicable, but the most popular include extending or replacing a data center or implementing a disaster recovery plan.

Public Cloud

Counterpoint - Choose the Right Cloud for the Right Workload

Public cloud dominates the cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service discussion, but for many companies, the risks and challenges of moving to the public cloud outweigh the potential benefits. Here, we explore some of those challenges and present an alternative viewpoint to the public cloud hype.

Dedicated Servers

New Everyday Low Prices Open up Possibilities for Hosters with OVHclou...

OVHcloud has lowered prices considerably in the US, and that could be good news for web hosting providers and resellers.

Dedicated Servers

OVHcloud announces new pricing and global availability for US customer...

OVHcloud has announced new everyday low prices for its line of dedicated servers in a strategy aimed at bringing more US customers in to the OVHcloud environment.

OpenStack, Public Cloud

OVHcloud Public Cloud with OpenStack: A commitment to our open cloud p...

Today, we are excited to announce OVHcloud Public Cloud Service is now available for our U.S. customers.

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