September 21, 2017
Sydney Summit

The OpenStack summit, a semi-annual open source cloud event, will take place this November in Sydney, Australia. This is an event for the entire community to discuss and exchange practices, R&D, and community efforts. Several conferences will take place over a 3-day period and OVH will be represented by their teams from France, Poland, and Australia. Five proposals have been submitted for the various presentations that will be given and you’re invited to vote on them!

1. A demonstration on how to extend Neutron with a new ML2 plugin:

2. OVH can now propose GPU instances, what we did for that:

3. The price battle is not always well understood when we speak about cloud infrastructure, here is a pragmatic perspective on that tricky subject:

4. The applications are more and more ready to speak to the cloud APIs, what you need to know about doing it well and using the proper tools are in this presentation:

5. The QoS guys in Neutron worked hard again and will present the new features and the improvement on the last few releases:

We hope to see you in Sydney!

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