March 1, 2019
OVHcloud Data Center

The OVHcloud® Migration Services team just finished a massive project migrating over 150 customers from the vCloud® Air™ colocation facilities into the Hosted Private Cloud product in OVHcloud data centers.

The Customer: One of these customers, a trade association from California dedicated to the advancement of professionalism in US real estate industry. The trade association, which consists of over 170,000 Realtors, is dedicated to “serving its membership in developing and promoting programs and services that will enhance the members’ freedom and ability to conduct their individual businesses successfully with integrity and competency, and through collective action, to promote real property ownership and the preservation of real property rights.”

The Migration: The team assigned to the project set out to prepare, extract and transform the data. While the migrated ended in success, the team encountered many learnings along the way. First, the Cloud Architect for the migration of this association discovered a problem when analyzing their vCloud® Air™ environment. The association was over-allocating resources (vCPU) for particular hosts. Their environment was not configured according to VMware® best practices and recommendations. Due to the configuration they had in place, it could be a blocker to migrate into an OVHcloud environment. Secondly, customer was extremely meticulous with their planning and also required a full test environment in OVHcloud to allow them to complete initial acceptance testing and validation testing. This resulted in a tremendous amount of collaboration, engagement, patience and support from both OVHcloud and the trade association.

The Cloud Engineer and Cloud Architect from our migrations team went above and beyond with a deep dive into the associations vCloud® Air™ environment and use case. After gaining a solid understanding, the migrations team, led by Jeremy Spielberg, held several meetings with the customer, making recommendations on how to right-size their environment. In addition to leading several meetings, Spielberg’s team provided their team with several VMware Knowledge Base (KB) articles and best practices supporting the recommendations. After completing multiple load-tests, the trade association’s team reported a better performing environment and the planning and collaboration, and time invested had paid off. In addition, the OVHcloud team had set up a complete test environment to allow the team to complete their required acceptance and validation testing prior to their actual migration.

The Result: The migrations team had built the new environment in OVHcloud as a like-for-like from the vCloud® Air™ environment. To make the impact to the trade association as minimal as possible, the architect on Spielberg’s team rebuilt the NAT and Firewall rules as well as migrated their existing public IPs prior to the scheduled migration cutover window. OVHcloud Hybrid Cloud Extension (HCX) was the appliance used to migrate the workloads into OVHcloud. The migration method used for this particular customer was a bulk, low-downtime migration. Due to meticulous planning, the migration was a success and completed without a hitch.

This is just one example of many successful migrations that have been completed over the past few months. The OVHcloud migration team has worked diligently to ensure the success of all migrations from vCloud® Air™ to OVHcloud and their hard work has paid off.

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