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vSAN Use Cases for Healthcare

vSAN Use Cases for Healthcare In today's healthcare environment, data protection and disaster recovery processes are critical to ensure the safety and security of patient …


How to choose a gaming server for your

How to choose a gaming server for your Minecraft community Smooth gameplay and flexibility are key aspects of building the ultimate gaming experience, which you only get …

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vSAN Benefits of Modernizing Healthcare

vSAN Benefits of Modernizing Healthcare IT Infrastructure  As technology evolves, so does its role in helping modern healthcare entities deliver critical patient care. …


Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4):

IPv4 Market Tension and Adjustments Over the past few years, IPv4 exhaustion has become a reality. Prices have continued to rise, reaching an average of $50 or more per IP …

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7 Reasons to Choose OVHcloud® Powered by

Already using VMware but want to run it in the cloud? Here’s the solution to seamlessly transition those workloads to the same environment. OVHcloud lets you leverage the …

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How to Start a Website Hosting Company

Starting a server business has many advantages. With high profitability, simplicity, limited startup fees and overhead, and demand that’s through the roof- what’s not to like?

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Autoscaling in Kubernetes

Kubernetes improves the containerization process by autoscaling containers when applications need more RAM or CPU. With autoscaling, you only use nodes when you need them, …

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Cold Storage: Archiving, Backup &

Cold storage is a data storage method designed to store data at low rates for a long period of time. Many enterprises choose cold storage for archival data that does not …

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What is Software-Defined Storage (SDS) -

Data storage is something that nearly all enterprise-level companies and many small-to-midsize businesses have to manage on an ongoing basis.

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Hosted Private Cloud: The Flexibility of

Cloud computing is a highly flexible solution that enables companies to embrace agility and grow in step with their real-time data storage, processing, and computational …

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OVHcloud's new ranges of

Businesses in industries around the world are using data to transform themselves to become more agile, improve customer experience, introduce new business models, and develop …

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What Is A Dedicated Server For Gaming?

A dedicated gaming server is one or more clusters of servers that allow hosts and owners to customize their games, host private sessions, + more.

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Why Choose OVHcloud for your HPC needs?

Is A Hosted Private Cloud Right For You?

Hosted Private Cloud

RPO and RTO are Your Guides to Building

Your IT enterprise perimeter and surface exposure has become much greater — there are employees, customers and partners, cloud and on-prem, IoT and apps, systems and data, …

Disaster Recovery

The 3 Tiers to Building a Disaster

Learn more about implementing a resilient disaster recovery plan by looking at your enterprise from the perspective of these different tiers.

Disaster Recovery

Uncovering our Managed Bare Metal

With remote working becoming widespread and an increase in online services, companies are having to accelerate their cloud transition. The demands on infrastructures and …

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How to Create Your Own Minecraft Gaming

Minecraft is one of the world’s most popular games and boasts one of the world’s most active creator communities. If you’re looking for a more immersive and customized …

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Seven Reasons to Consider OVHcloud as

OVHcloud is excited to introduce you to our new range of private cloud products.

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OVHcloud VPS Plan Comparison

Compare VPS Hosting Plans by price, storage, and more. Find the perfect virtual private server solution for your needs. Browse VPS plans today with OVHcloud.

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Hosted Private Cloud (HPC): Backup and

Learn how to manage virtual machine backups in the private cloud with Veeam, Zerto + VMware Managed Backup solutions by OVHcloud. Restore your data simply and easily

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VPS 2020

OVHcloud™ is very pleased to showcase our Virtual Private Server (VPS) 2020 range. With a wide array of options to meet the needs of any user, these VPS's are extremely …


2020 OVHcloud Compliance and

Protecting your data is our top priority

Industry, Security

Seven Reasons to Consider an OVHcloud VPS

The new OVHcloud VPS offerings are here! And, boy, do they deliver! OVHcloud VPS features include: the choice of latest Linux and Windows operating systems and popular …


DDoS Protection for the gaming community

How important is DDoS protection in the gaming community? DDoS protection is an essential need because networks are constantly under attack. This is especially true in the …

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6 Reasons why an OVHcloud Dedicated

Dedicated servers solve some of the most challenging IT infrastructure problems facing businesses today. They give you full control of your environment with the ability to …

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The ins and outs of IPMI

What is IPMI? What’s the purpose of IPMI? Why should I care about IPMI? These are all fair questions. In the hosting provider world, IPMI or (Intelligent Platform Management …

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Latency and why it matters...

As our personal and business life increases its reliance on data, the ability to move and exchange data is compounded to impressive rates. Our reliance on online gaming, …

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Launch of New OVHcloud Web Terms

The OVHcloud Legal Team is excited to announce the launch of our new web terms! The July 10th rollout was the culmination of months of hard work and was dependent on input …


HG Customizations are LIVE in our East

OVHcloud™ is excited to announce our newest range of customizable servers are available on OVHcloud. The HG servers allow the consumer to build optimal configurations to …

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To encrypt or not to encrypt...

At the end of June, the US National Security Council met to discuss whether legislation is needed that limits the use of encryption for consumers and businesses. DOJ, FBI, …


What you need to know about RAID

At OVHcloud, we are always getting asked by customers about RAID. What is it? How do I configure it? Why do I need it? So, we figured we would compile this information and …

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OVHcloud - In the community

On June 8th, 2019, OVHcloud employees from the Reston, VA office completed the 10k/5K for the "Lawyers Have Heart" event. This event was held at Georgetown in Washington DC …


Why would I use a Storage server?

If you’ve been going through the server options offered by OVHcloud, you have probably stumbled across our Storage family. With servers that offer up to 72 TB of storage, …

Cloud Storage, Dedicated Servers

Privacy takes center stage at the Global

On May 2-3, the US Legal team’s Ilona Levine and Kristen Lincoln attended the Global Privacy Summit held by the International Association of Privacy Professionals. Read all …


vRack Part 2: Use cases for our private

In our previous vRack blog post we shared the benefits of vRack, our private networking solution that allows customers to connect their OVHcloud services together, no matter …


OVHcloud announces new examinations and

OVHcloud has obtained several new attestations and the ISO certification for its product offerings in the east and west coast Data Centers. Hosted Private Cloud, Dedicated …


vRack gives customers security and

vRack is a complementary OVHcloud™ layer 2 private networking tool, allowing you to connect all of your OVHcloud servers together across our 17+ Tbps backbone without going …


We are launching our HG range of servers

OVHcloud is excited to announce its new range of HG servers. This server range is designed to support workloads that involve big data, machine learning and in-memory …

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The Backup Basics

Data is one of the most important assets a business has. No matter how prepared you are, there are many threats to your infrastructure that can result in data loss. Ensuring …


Working with the National Center for

On Friday, March 1st, the OVHcloud™ legal team visited the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children’s (NCMEC) headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia. Founded in …


Server maintenance got you down?

Most businesses, especially small ones with limited resources, can free up a lot of time, effort, and money by outsourcing the maintenance of their infrastructure. …

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Data migration in the spotlight

The OVHcloud® Migration Services team just finished a massive project migrating over 150 customers from the vCloud® Air™ colocation facilities into the Hosted Private Cloud …

Hosted Private Cloud

DDoS attacks are on the rise. Is your

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are growing in both frequency and sophistication, and a successful attack can wreak havoc on your business. This blog post will …


Choose the dedicated server that's

Newcomers to OVHcloud will quickly notice that we offer a large range of server options, grouped into “families” that can sometimes be difficult at first to navigate. We’ll …

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Data center innovation: Lower PUE means

One number that OVHcloud has been obsessed with since its early days designing data centers is the Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of its data centers. PUE is fairly …


OVHcloud brings new, high-performance

OVHcloud is rolling out a new line of storage servers today in our Vint Hill, VA data center, with Hillsboro, OR expected to follow next month. This is the first of several …

Cloud Storage, Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers vs colocation for small

While the practice of colocation - renting space in a larger data center where the provider offers power, cooling, and connectivity to the outside world - is a popular …

Dedicated Servers

For One University, IT Resilience Meant

IT resilience is not just about how you failover and failback. It’s about where your data lives, how it is protected, and how, when, and by whom it can be accessed. For many …

Hosted Private Cloud

From Climate Change to Human Error: Make

Climate change, and the resulting increase in climate-related weather events, are top of mind for consumers and business leaders alike. It impacts industries like …

Disaster Recovery

Customer Story - OVHcloud Helps Baylor

OVHcloud recently helped Baylor University, located in Waco, Texas, make a seamless transition to the cloud. Baylor manages a large amount of data for its students, alumni …

Disaster Recovery, Hosted Private Cloud

Hot Migrations - A low risk path to the

Hot migration is the process of moving an active workload from one data center to another. There are a few scenarios where hot migration would be applicable, but the most …

Hosted Private Cloud

Counterpoint - Choose the Right Cloud for

Public cloud dominates the cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service discussion, but for many companies, the risks and challenges of moving to the public cloud outweigh the potential …

Public Cloud

New Everyday Low Prices Open up

OVHcloud has lowered prices considerably in the US, and that could be good news for web hosting providers and resellers.

Dedicated Servers

OVHcloud announces new pricing and global

OVHcloud has announced new everyday low prices for its line of dedicated servers in a strategy aimed at bringing more US customers in to the OVHcloud environment.

Dedicated Servers

OVHcloud Public Cloud with OpenStack: A

Today, we are excited to announce OVHcloud Public Cloud Service is now available for our U.S. customers. Our public cloud is built with OpenStack, a free and open-source …

OpenStack, Public Cloud

Manufacturing Is Moving to the Cloud, and

Manufacturers share many of the same business and technology requirements as firms in other industries, but chief among those are, speed, scale and accuracy. These are …

Cloud Storage

OVHcloud Analyst Day 2018

Our first OVHcloud Analyst Day was a great success! With Hurricane Florence’s impending arrival on the East Coast, there was some worry of cancellation, but thankfully, a …


OVHcloud CEO Named a 2018 Stratus Award

We’re proud to announce that the Business Intelligence Group has awarded Russell P. Reeder, president and CEO of OVHcloud, a 2018 Stratus Award as a “Top Executive” for Cloud …


What is the Cloud?

Good question, and we’re here to answer it. In the 90’s, if you were at a New Kids On The Block concert and someone asked if you knew what ‘the cloud’ was, you’d probably …

Industry, Public Cloud

Top Five Cloud Trends Supporting Freedom

As little as a few years ago, it would have been impossible to predict the explosion of cloud computing and its enormous impact on the enterprise. A recent report from 451 …

Cloud Storage, Industry

OVHcloud Leaders Win Two Recognitions in

We’re excited to announce that the CEO World Awards®, an annual awards program honoring CEOs and organizations of all types and sizes around the globe, recently recognized …


OVHcloud offers a new line of bare metal

At OVHcloud, we are continuing to expand our dedicated server line with infrastructure, storage, and game servers! From high performance CPUs to free Anti-DDoS protection, …

Dedicated Servers

Our Five Favorite 2018 Cloud Conferences

We love to network at cloud conferences. Perhaps the most significant reason is the power of connecting one-on-one to other cloud industry professionals – an asset that you …


Higher Education is Bound for the Cloud

It wasn’t long ago that “distance learning” was just a buzz phrase. But the concept of learning while being tethered only to an internet connection anywhere in the world was …


6 Considerations for Ensuring Your

Companies and individuals found non-compliant are subject to fines of up to 20 million euros (approximately $23.5 million) or 4 percent of a company’s total worldwide annual …

Disaster Recovery

OVH US and Zerto collaborate to provide

We are passionate about arming enterprise companies with the cloud IT infrastructure they need to support IT resiliency in the spirit of progress and innovation.

Disaster Recovery

5 Disaster Recovery as a Service Myths

While DRaaS is growing in popularity, so too is confusion about both its capabilities and its viability for organizations of different types and sizes. So how do you go about …

Disaster Recovery

Ransomware: Should We Accept it as

Ransomware attacks have been on the rise for the past three years, particularly against organizations that serve the public. That includes hospitals, school districts, state …

Disaster Recovery

OVHcloud champions STEM education and

OVH US President and CEO, Russell P. Reeder, shares his perspective on the importance of fostering our youth in technology education, especially with girls. Read about why …


OVHcloud expanding globally with its

OVHcloud is officially open for business in the United States, with the first data center on the East Coast now open and another on the West Coast coming soon. This will add …

Cloud Storage, Dedicated Servers, OpenStack

Net Neutrality: Enabling innovation and

As a consumer, choice is everything and regulations like Net Neutrality that ensure consumer choice are a good thing. As an Infrastructure provider, OVH is wary of any policy …

Hosted Private Cloud, Industry, OpenStack, Public Cloud

Intel Vulnerabilities Meltdown and

As mentioned in our Jan 6th blog post, OVHcloud is 100% mobilized to secure our technology stacks and environments against the recently exposed Intel, AMD, and ARM …

Cloud Storage, Dedicated Servers, Hosted Private Cloud, Public Cloud

Patching the Intel x86-64 Vulnerabilities

Along with the rest of the IT industry, Intel has made OVH aware of some specific vulnerabilities concerning certain processor architectures. Two of these vulnerabilities …

Dedicated Servers, Hosted Private Cloud, Public Cloud, Security

The OVHcloud Public Cloud is part of the

In its first showing among the Top Ten Public Cloud Providers, OVHcloud ranked 2nd place in North America and 1st place in Europe, surpassing all major American players.

OpenStack, Public Cloud

OVH to participate in a call for

The OpenStack summit, a semi-annual open source cloud event, will take place this November in Sydney, Australia.

OpenStack, Public Cloud

WannaCry: Dry your tears, but stay

The recent WannaCry pandemic mostly affected workstations within businesses, but servers running outdated versions of Windows were not immune either...


OVH accelerates with OpenStack

On Friday, the 9th of June, three leading figures from the OpenStack Foundation visited OVHclouds European headquarters in Roubaix, in northern France...

OpenStack, Public Cloud

The Cloud is the future. But what is the

Part 1: A closer look at cloud users. Who are they? What are their needs? What challenges will they face in the years to come?

Dedicated Servers

How to choose a cloud that matches my

The idea of entrusting your sensitive data to a third party was still unthinkable just a few years ago. Today, many companies are externalizing their information...

Cloud Storage

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