Public Cloud Instances

Size your public cloud the way you want. It’s available on-demand, without overages.


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Balanced for General Purpose

Multi-purpose servers with guaranteed resources that offer a balance of CPU/RAM for web or business applications.

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CPU for Fast Compute

Servers with guaranteed resources well-suited for applications that require fast processing.

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RAM for Enhanced Memory

Guaranteed resources on servers that are ideal for databases, in-memory processing and analysis, and other RAM-intensive applications.

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Sandbox for Testing and Development

Perfect for testing and development environments. Performance levels can vary slightly over time as the resourced are shared.

Accelerate your cloud strategy with guaranteed resources, ultimate flexibility, and leading developer tools

Public Cloud Instances

Public Cloud Instances (virtual servers) combine flexibility and guaranteed resources. In less than a minute, you can get the CPU, RAM, and storage you need with no over-allocation of resources. You are also the root user, just as you are with a dedicated server. OVH Public Cloud offers hourly billing and attractive features such as the ability to add resources without reinstalling. Want to automate your cloud infrastructure? That’s easy with the OpenStack API.

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Public Cloud like no other

High Performance, High Availability

High performance and availability

  • Zero over-allocation —  Our Public Cloud provides every user with guaranteed cloud resources with no over-allocation. You get 100% of your resources, with reliable and optimal performance.
  • High availability — We support your most demanding production workloads with native, software-defined high availability, cloud infrastructure managed entirely by OVHcloud, and hardware powered by the latest-generation CPUs and technology. 
Open-Source Portability

Open-source portability, open-source friendly

  • OVH works in close collaboration with open-source industry-standard OpenStack to ensure your cloud environments are portable and able to work in hybrid mode between OVH and other cloud providers.
  • OVH also uses, contributes to, and shares OpenStack APIs. That’s one of the developer-friendly ways we support the OpenStack community.
We Aim To Please

We aim to please

  • Our billing practices are refreshingly simple. There are no extra fees, no overages, for handling traffic or requests with any of your instances.
  • Our storage is triple replicated and distributed — due to Ceph technology — for native data availability.
  • You ask, we answer. OVH customer support reps will actually take your support requests and help you through.

Key Features

Flexible servers
  • Launch multiple machines with a single click
  • Have a peak load? Increase the power of your instances, then return to nominal power without reinstallation
  • Migrate from one model to another without ever having to reinstall
  • Provision new Public Cloud Instances in seconds
Unlimited snapshots
  • Take snapshots of your servers with only a few clicks or via the API to quickly back up your environments or speed up your developments
  • Create snapshots of additional disks
Simple billing and usage alerts
  • Receive monthly invoices for each project, including usage and servers (servers by the hour, additional disks per GB)  
  • Keep your budget under control with usage alerts
  • Pay by the month and save 50% off the hourly rate
Unlimited bandwidth with Anti-DDoS protection
Additional IPs with no monthly fees
  • In addition to the free initial IP, you can add up to 256 IPs per server and move them from server to server in seconds
  • You only pay a setup fee for additional IPs
Global private networks
  • With vRack:
  • Create private networks to secure and speed up exchanges among your virtual servers
  • Unlock your machines’ ability to communicate between data centers, from one area of the world to another
  • Create vLANs as needed
Management per project
  • Organize your resources, servers, and disks, and provide users with read-only or read-write access mode
  • Grant your teams direct access to OpenStack tools, such as CLI and API
Ready-to-use custom distributions with import/export of templates
  • 10 Linux/Unix distributions (such as Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, FreeBSD) are included
  • Windows operating systems available at additional no charge
  • Import your images using wellknown public or private cloud formats
  • Easily automate your software deployments, thanks to the compatibility of our images with cloudinit
  • Export your images including QCOW2 and VMDK (VMware), VDI (VirtualBox), RAW and OVA (Amazon), and VHD (Microsoft) with KVM and QEMU
OpenStack ecosystem
  • Access the OpenStack API to take advantage of numerous compatible tools and open-source and proprietary projects
  • Use the “vanilla” version of the Horizon OpenStack web application to experience your OpenStack Public Cloud
Root access
  • As with all OVH infrastructure products, you are the administrator of your machines

Plan Pricing




  • Unlimited Bandwidth — no charge
  • Up to 256 IPs per General Purpose, RAM, and CPU instance; 16 on Sandbox Instances
  • Free Anti-DDoS protection included
  • vRack connectivity available
  • Optional: Failover IP (one-time setup fee, with no monthly fee thereafter)
  • Optional: IP Load Balancing:
    • Distribute your traffic intelligently across several instances
  • Billed per hour or month, per GB

Optional Storage: 
Billed per hour, based on the price: choose between Object or Block Storage

  • Linux Distributions:
    • Archlinux
    • Centos 6, Centos 7
    • CoreOS
    • Debian 7, Debian 8, Debian 9
    • Fedora 26, Fedora 27
    • FreeBSD 11.0 ZFS
    • Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 17.10, Ubuntu 18.04
  • Windows Distributions:
    • Windows Server 2016 Standard (Core edition)
    • Windows Server 2016 Standard (Desktop
    • Windows Server 2012 r2 
  • Additional images for:
    • Docker
    • GitLab
    • OpenVPN
    • Plesk
    • WordPress
    • Virtualmin 
    • VestaCP 
    • DataScience
  • Control Panel
  • API
  • Root access to the server
  • Access via the KVM/IP graphic console
  • Hours and contact methods
  • Level 1 incidents (e.g. server unavailable):
    • Intervention Time: 1 hour
    • Repair Time: Intervention + 2
  • Level 2 incidents (e.g. abnormal operation, software config problems)
    • Intervention Time: 12 hours
Service-Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Availability of Resources: 99.999%
  • Allocation only to you: 100%
Cloud Control Panel: An intuitive interface

Cloud Control Panel: An intuitive interface

Are you a developer or infrastructure engineer seeking a more technical interface? With OVH, you gain access to both the Horizon management interface and standard OpenStack APIs. For more information about this open-source environment, including tools, documentation, and tutorial, watch this video.

OVH Public Cloud is based on OpenStack cloud technology


Organizations such as PayPal, Walmart, NASA, and CERN use OpenStack.


OpenStack guarantees portability; you can use the same API even if you change providers.


Looking for a hybrid strategy? Use the same API on your OVH Private Cloud and Public Cloud.


OpenStack is one of the world’s most active open-source projects, even ahead of the Linux kernel.


By exposing the OpenStack APIs, OVH gives you access to all the SDKs developed and maintained in common programming or scripting languages, including Python, PHP, Java, and Go.


OpenStack is compatible with dozens of tools and orchestrators, including Terraform, Docker Machine, Vagrant, Juju, SaltStack, Cloud Foundry, RightScale Cloud Management Platform, CloudForms, and Scalr.


Want to learn more and connect with your peers? The OpenStack community is very active, with dozens of events taking place each month around the world.


OVH regularly integrates new OpenStack features to provide you with the most benefits and functionality.

OVH is a major OpenStack partner and infrastructure donor and source code contributor.  We compile and test patches and new features – included in OVH Cloud instances – and provide back to OpenStack for inclusion.

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