OVHcloud™ Connect

The shortest network route between your on-premises data center and OVHcloud

Fast, low-latency connection from your on-premises data center or co-located infrastructure

OVHcloud Connect

With OVHcloud Connect, you can connect your business network to your private OVHcloud network located in an OVHcloud data center, in a completely isolated and secure manner.

Cloud Connect: A Direct Data Center Connection with Hybridity, Security, and Performance

OVHcloud Connect Hybridity


OVHcloud Connect Security


  • You can benefit from a private and secure connection with OVHcloud. The OVHcloud Connect private network architecture is comprised of the latest generation network equipment.

OVHcloud Connect Performance


  • With OVHcloud Connect, you are guaranteed industry-leading efficiency and performance from OVH and our partners.



This product will be available for purchase soon.


Connect your corporate network securely to your private network at OVHcloud. OVHcloud offers two options.

OVHcloud Connect Partner

OVHcloud Connect: Partner

What it is:

  • Virtualized and shared connection between your organizations presence at an OVHcloud-supported Point of Presence (PoP) and the OVHcloud network
  • This connection is possible because OVHcloud has a relationship with the PoP network provider and appears as a cloud provider in the PoP (software connectivity)
  • Achieve network redundancy by leveraging the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) while having multiple Partner connections between your infrastructure and multiple PoPs
  • Connectivity is provided via software and with a shared network, thus there are no guaranteed SLAs offered by OVHcloud
  • No installation fees – only your monthly fees to your network provider
  • Partner connect is simple: Order from OVHcloud Manager and OVHcloud will automatically create the virtual connectivity.  This requires no action from you or the network provider


  • 1 VLAN (untagged)

How to order:

  • Subscribe to a network partner’s connection product of your choice
  • Order OVHcloud Connect from OVHcloud Manager 
  • OVHcloud automation will create your private network

When it's available:

  • Q1’2018: Toronto, Paris, Frankfurt, and Ashburn
  • Q2’2018: Sydney and Singapore
  • Contact us if your needs are elsewhere


OVHcloud Connect: Dedicated

OVHcloud Connect: Dedicated

What it is:

  • Physical and dedicated cross-connection between your organizations presence at the PoP and the OVHcloud network
  • This connection is possible because you have a hard, physical connection to the PoP that can be tangibly connected to the OVHcloud network via fiber (physical connectivity)
  • Achieve network redundancy by leveraging the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) while having multiple Easy connections between your infrastructure and multiple PoPs
  • Since the connection is physical and dedicated to you, you will not experience impact from "noisy neighbors".  Dedicated fiber guarantees bandwidth and availability
  • An OVHcloud installation is charged, in addition to regular monthly fees to your telecom provider


  • 4094 VLANs (tagged/untagged)

How to order:

  • Order OVHcloud Connect from OVHcloud Manager 
  • OVHcloud will provide the cross-connect configuration information necessary to place the order with the network partner
  • Contact the network partner to order the cross-connection

When it's available:

  • Q4’2017: Paris, Montreal
  • Q1’2018: Toronto, Frankfurt, Warsaw, Sydney, Singapore and Ashburn
  • Contact us if your needs are elsewhere


OVH has 32 Global Points of Presence and Multiple Network Partners



OVHcloud Connect allows you to expand your office or data center network into OVHcloud vRack without requiring a VPN over the Internet. The connectivity is faster and you can manage your bandwidth.

OVHcloud Connect is the extension of your OVHcloud vRack.  All OVHcloud products that are vRack enabled can be used with OVHcloud Connect.

OVHcloud Connect is the extension of your OVHcloud vRack.  Every data center where you have an OVHcloud product connected to your vRack is reachable through OVHcloud Connect.




No. You have to order and manage the cross-connection.




L2 Mode means that the connection is transparent to Ethernet protocol, including:

  • IEEE 802.1q / Vlans
  • Jumbo Frame up to 9000 bytes

The connection is managed by a router on OVH side.  Only IP traffic is possible. With L3, the router is dedicated to your IP addresses.

You can within the same PoP, aggregate two physical connections on redundant OVH equipment using LACP to achieve redundancy.

Yes, 802.1q tagged frames are authorized if configured in L2 mode.

No. You will need to subscribe to a different OVHcloud Connect for each vRack.

We support mono-mode fiber optics

  • 1000LX/LH
  • 10G-LR

For other optics (ZR, WDM), please contact OVH.

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