IP Load Balancing

Multi-service and inter-data center load balancing solutions

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IP Load Balancing

Today’s enterprises increasingly require high availability and the greatest flexibility to ensure workloads are securely up and running. OVH understands this need and has, therefore, crafted a multi-service, inter-data center lP Load Balancing address solution to meet the need.

The IP Load Balancing spreads the traffic load across the IPs of your OVH services hosted in our data centers. It improves performance during traffic spikes and tolerance in the event of failures and optimizes response times.

How it works:

How it Works


High-Availability Features

Service Availability Checks

Service availability checks

Instead of traffic being directed to an unavailable component and dropping customer requests, the IP Load Balancing waits until the component is available. This means your customer requests and critical activity remain secure. You can configure and deactivate this feature as needed using probe tests such as HTTP and the OVH load balancing protocol, OvhCheckOu (OcO).

Distribution Priority

Distribution priority

By defining the weight of each of your distributed services across data centers, you can spread the traffic according to your rules and distribute it more frequently to higher-capacity servers. This feature is especially beneficial when you have a distributed server park and the capacity of your services, such as VPS, VMs, and dedicated servers, is unequal.

Configurable Monitoring

Configurable monitoring

Along with ping monitoring, you can configure OcO probes to enable the administrator to define their own monitoring process. Doing so provides a better view of the state of each component in the infrastructure. Availability criteria can, therefore, be defined.

Automatic Failover

Automatic failover

The IP Load Balancing lets you set up a highly available infrastructure based on the master/slave model. This feature — API: BackupState — will automatically migrate your traffic to the slave if the master is found to be faulty.

Security Features

Optimum Security

Optimum security, optimum performance for SSL

SSL certificates use large amounts of resources due to the data being encrypted and decrypted by physical and virtual servers in the infrastructure. The OVH IP Load Balancing delegates the job to OVH’s internal network, thus lowering your security risks and taking the strain off your hardware.

Control and Hybridity Features

Optimum Control

Optimum control of your business

Does your website traffic spike at certain times of the year or as a result of an event? The OVH IP Load Balancing service allows you to manage traffic on your servers. The OVH API allows you to declare an IP to handle a portion of your traffic and remove a service from your resource pool, at any time and in just a few minutes.

Hybrid and Multi-data Center Infrastructures

Hybrid and multi-data center infrastructures

You can distribute your traffic across Dedicated Servers or hosted private cloud VMs, a process that gives you many technical solutions for infrastructure building. You can also configure the IP Load Balancing across several data centers and use Anycast to optimize the performance of your website for your visitors.

Anycast for Cross-Data Centers

Anycast for cross-data centers

You can get Anycast with the IP Load Balancing. This feature helps you improve the experience for users of your application, regardless of their location. Simply declare which services you have in your OVH data centers, and the traffic will be redirected to the nearest OVH infrastructure. If you have dedicated servers in France and North America, for example, your customers will be directed to the nearest servers in your network.


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Session Management
  • No session
  • Cookies
  • Source IP
Data Centers
  • Vint Hill

Optional: Multi-Data Center Option to connect to:

  • Beauharnois (BHS)
  • Roubaix (RBX)
  • Strasbourg (SBG)
  • Gravelines (GRA)
Simple billing and usage alerts
  • Receive monthly invoices for each project, including usage and servers (servers by the hour, additional disks per GB)  
  • Keep your budget under control with usage alerts
  • Pay by the month and save 50% off the hourly rate
  • Available via API
  • HTTP (port 80)
  • MySQL (port 3306)
  • PostgreSQL (port 5432)

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