Disaster Recovery Plan as a Service

Turnkey disaster recovery plans (DRPs) to replicate your applications in the OVHcloud private cloud and protect against any data loss resulting from incidents.

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Zerto DRP is designed for companies seeking to protect their IT systems from technical issues, data loss, and downtime. Whether you are using an on-premises environment or a Hosted Private Cloud solution in one of our data centers, you can protect your data in a separate OVHcloud data center.

The two Hosted Private Cloud solutions in two different data centers must be ordered from OVHcloud. If you have your own data center, you need only order one Hosted Private Cloud from OVHcloud.

  • In the event of a technical incident, the applications are switched to an OVHcloud data center from your on-premise or other remote data center.

  • In the event of a technical incident, the applications are switched from the primary OVHcloud data center to a secondary OVHcloud data center.

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Easy to implement and manage

  • Full access to the Zerto Virtual Manager (ZVM) interface using existing OVHcloud vSphere accounts.
  • Use Zerto ZVM RESTful API to automate tasks required to manage recovery after an incident without using the Zerto user interface.

Advanced features

  • With Zerto File Level Restore, you can now restore specific files from a virtual machine.
  • Perform granular switch tests, with the option of performing tests on a limited scope within the Virtual Protection Group (VPG).

Key advantages

Available across all of our Hosted Private Cloud ranges


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    Switch immediately in one click

    In an emergency, click "FAILOVER" in your Zerto interface to start your backup infrastructure. Implementing your Disaster Recovery Plan has never been so simple!

    RTO: a few minutes

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    Continuous high-speed synchronization

    Due to the high quality of the OVHcloud network VMs (+ Vdisk) are copied at speeds up to 10 times faster than the market standard; almost in real time.

    RPO: a few seconds

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    Secure data transfer

    The OVH fiber-optic network between data centers is used to sync your data. Data is transferred between different sites via a VPN which means all your exchanges are secure.

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    Control your budget

    You are in charge! Choose the VMs you want to protect or your backup infrastructure. Easily switch to a second private cloud using an active/active configuration!

Simple "per VM" pricing

  • VMs protected by Zerto


    Transparent Zerto vSphere activation on your two OVHcloud Hosted Private Cloud infrastructures

  • Price per protected VM


    You can activate this solution via the OVHcloud Control Panel

    Activate Zerto DRP

Zerto DRP: configure in just a few minutes

  • 1

    Deploy a secondary Hosted Private Cloud in a new OVHcloud data center.

  • 2

    Enable a disaster recovery plan by virtual machine and configure it via the Zerto Virtual Manager secure interface.

  • 3

    In just one click, move data to the new infrastructure. It is then protected, and available via the secondary infrastructure.


The ZERTO solution constantly syncs your data at high speed. This minimizes the amount of data that you are likely to lose in an emergency. The time it takes to recover from the emergency (RTO) is also greatly reduced because when you switch over your VMs are automatically rebooted on your backup infrastructure.

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  • RPO or "Recovery Point Objective" refers to the maximum time frame for which you are willing to lose data.

  • RTO or "Recovery Time Objective" refers to how quickly you can switch to your backup infrastructure.

DRP: best practice

In order to ensure that your Disaster Recovery Plan is successful you must consider the following key points and take the necessary steps:

  • Defining your monitoring solution


    Setting up a warning system

    At least two channels of communication (SMS, e-mail...)

    Independent infrastructure monitoring

  • Internal DRP organization


    Identification of stakeholders

    Structured action plan

    Escalation procedure

  • Tests


    Simulate switching between infrastructures monthly

Testing moving from one infrastructure to a backup infrastructure is an essential part of your DRP. We suggest that you carry out such tests once a month.

Your first steps with Zerto

Follow our series of "How To" guides for additional guidance.

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