VMware® Hybrid Cloud Extension™

Making hybrid a reality: App mobility and infrastructure hybridity across any-to-any vSphere cloud

Supporting your seamless data center modernization and cloud transformation

Hybrid Cloud Extension

Hybrid Cloud Extension services coupled with OVH Hosted Private Cloud solutions enables a high-performance, secure, and optimized interconnect that enables large-scale app mobility between any vSphere platform -- on-premises, and in any cloud like OVH cloud.

Your newly “stretched” network will perform just like your local network and allow workloads to be migrated with zero downtime. The Hybrid Cloud Extension technology abstracts multi-site resources and presents them to the apps as one continuous “hybrid” cloud, providing infrastructure hybridity.  You can also migrate VMware NSX security policies as to retain the same security controls in the cloud.


Enable data center extension, data center replacement, disaster recovery, and more

Simple Migration

Simple migration to the cloud - zero downtime

  • Hybrid Cloud Extension vMotion provides zero downtime migrations, regardless of vSphere versions on either side
  • Supports various forms of virtual machine (VM) migrations: bulk migration, partial migration, and bi-directional migration
  • Simplified migrations through a SaaS portal

Confidence Workloads

Confidence your workloads are protected  

  • Mitigate your risk with highly-secure cloud on-boarding via secure proxy for vMotion, secure network extension, and application policy-based disaster recovery
  • Security policies follow applications – making it easier to protect once migrated
  • Resilient disaster recovery capabilities leveraging wide-area network (WAN) optimization in front that can improve migration time over 45%


Efficient, High Performance

Efficient, high performance hybridity

  • L2 extension simplifies network connectivity between sites that do not have dedicated connections
  • Avoid retrofitting on-premises environment to accelerate cloud adoption
  • In-built WAN optimization – customized for the needs of hybrid use cases

Key features

Simple planning and advanced compatibility

There is no need to retrofit your existing VM/vSphere environment or remap IP addresses, lowering the upfront planning and configuration needed for a successful migration.

Premium, all-in-one Disaster Recovery

Builds on the vSphere replication services to provide a premium, all-in-one DR solution for vSphere environments.

Stretched Layer 2 network

Turn the cloud into an extension of your on-premises data center. With just a few clicks you can build or teardown fully automated tunnels.

Streamlined workload migrations

Move your live workloads with zero downtime. With the Hybrid Cloud Extension, you also have the flexibility to use replication-based migration for bulk VM migrations with little downtime.

Cloud and premise extension

Extend networks to the cloud, integrating on- and off-premises resources with easy migration in and out of the cloud.

Software-defined WAN

Through intelligent routing, tiered WAN path selection, replication-aware traffic management, and WAN optimization technology, your connection to vCloud Air powered by OVH will seem like a part of your local network

Security policy migration

Move your VMs to the cloud and keep them on the same stretched Layer 2 network segment. For seamless application migration, you can also migrate your security policies.

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