Managed Veeam® Backup for Hosted Private Cloud

Worry-free, automated backups for your virtual VMs

VM backup and restore — powered by Veeam

Managed Veeam Backup

By default, the virtual machines in your Hosted Private Cloud solution are not automatically backed up. To avoid data loss, OVH offers Managed Veeam Backup and its replication to extend the functionality of your vSphere-managed VMs. With just a few clicks, automated backups, simple restoration, and daily reporting functions are set up and ready to go.

Rest assured that your data and services are not your single point of failure

Automated Backup

Fully automated backup as a service – at all levels

  • Simple configuration - simply select the VMs you want to protect and right-click directly in vSphere to enable the automated backup function
  • Choose from Veeam Standard, Advanced, or Enterprise to meet your retention needs 

Daily reports and transparency

  • Receive email reports with the full listing of your VMs and their backup status
  • Successful backup notifications let you rest easy knowing your workloads are protected

Free storage from OVH

  • OVH stores your data for free; there are no extra costs
  • No hidden fees!

Learn about Managed Veeam Backup

With Managed Veeam Backup, backups are automated and transparently reported, with zero impact on your storage resources


The Managed Veeam Backup service creates daily backups on the VMs of your choice. The management VLAN in your Hosted Private Cloud infrastructure transmits your data to the backup repository, which is mounted in RAID and fully managed by the OVH operations team. This additional storage does not count toward your storage allocation.


Veeam Data Protection – Standard – 100GB - $8/VM

Veeam Data Protection – Standard – 1TB - $15/VM

Veeam Data Protection – Standard – 2TB - $25/VM

Veeam Data Protection – Advanced – 100GB - $15/VM

Veeam Data Protection – Advanced – 1TB - $25/VM

Veeam Data Protection – Advanced – 2TB - $40/VM

Veeam Data Protection – Enterprise – Any VM - $15/VM + Storage

**We do not recommend using Standard or Advanced for anything larger than 2TB (Larger than 2TB may over run the 24-hour backup window)**

**Veeam Standard & Advanced backup within the same OVH data center that houses the VM. Veeam Enterprise allows for backing up to as many locations as needed**


  • 7-day retention
  • Fixed backup time (10pm data center time)
  • Full snapshot (No file level recovery)
  • Storage managed by OVH
  • Charged per VM / per size
  • 3 sizes:
    • $8 - 100GB
    • $15 - 1TB
    • $25 - 2TB
  • Requires 1 Windows License Per vSphere Instance


  • 14-day retention
  • Choose your own backup time (one per day)
  • Forced backup/On demand
  • Full snapshot (No file level recovery)
  • Storage managed by OVH
  • Charged per VM / per size
  • 3 sizes:
    • $15 - 100GB
    • $25 - 1TB
    • $40 - 2TB
  • Requires 1 Windows License Per vSphere Instance


  • Managed Veeam Backup is compatible with vSphere 4.1, 5.0, 5.1, 5.5, 6.0 and 6.5.
  • The Veeam software requires the creation of a Windows-based VM, which is included if you have a Windows Data Center license. You may need to make an additional purchase to enable the Windows VM.
  • To start your backup, you must activate high availability and Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) for the Windows VM. The VM then follows your defined DRS affinity rules.

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