Hosted Private Cloud data store options

Your scalable and dedicated storage space -- available to meet your business needs

Full SSD and SSD-accelerated NFS storage -- flexible options, available on-demand

Data Stores

Your base pack Hosted Private Cloud is delivered with 6 TB of storage space.  However, that’s not your limit!  You can add and remove data stores whenever you want to scale your infrastructure.

Choose your data stores between our 2 types: Full SSD or SSD-accelerated

Give your enterprise applications the storage needed for optimal performance. Mix and match your storage options to support high, medium, and low demand workloads.


Full SSD

(SSDs usable space)

3 TB, 10 TB, 18 TB, 36 TB



(SSD cache disks + SAS disks in usable space)

1 TB, 3 TB, 6 TB, 12 TB

Data stores can be added during your initial order, in your hosted vCenter interface, or in your OVH Manager.

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