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Our bare metal servers, private cloud, and public cloud solutions allow you to build the “best-fit” infrastructure to solve your business challenges

OVHcloud Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers

We started with bare sheet metal, building up only the necessary components. Next, we added our unique water-cooling technology, which allows us to overclock the CPU and supply you with the power you need. Lastly, we incorporated our OVHcloud Manager to give you full access control, Anti-DDoS protection, and a wide range of options, including the most recent operating systems and licenses.


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Need versatility? Our Infrastructure Servers provide raw performance with single- or dual-core processors to power your n-tier enterprise application and hosting workloads.

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We know you must have full access to your data whenever you need it, without latency. With our Storage Servers, you can efficiently access, back up, and store your data wherever it lives.

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Whether you are a video game publisher or just passionate about gaming, OVHcloud offers first-rate price-performance. With our Anti-DDoS protection, you can host your games with confidence. 

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High Grade Servers

High performance configurations to help you run your most resource-intensive workloads, including machine learning, big data analytics, and hyperconverged infrastructure.

OVHcloud Hosted Private Cloud

Hosted Private Cloud

Our Hosted Private Cloud is built on the latest generation of Intel® hardware and the VMware® technology stack. Offerings provide physically isolated, single-tenant cloud environments for enterprise workloads. This product line evolves vCloud® Air™ powered by OVHcloud with more powerful hardware, more software choices, and faster provisioning - premium support included.


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Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Providing operational consistency and business continuity for your data workloads located on premises or in the cloud.

Data Center Replacement

Dedicated Cloud

Your own hosted private cloud: single-tenant and physically isolated for optimal performance.

OVHcloud Public Cloud Instances

Public Cloud Services

OVHcloud combines the best virtualization technology with its hardware and network expertise to provide you with a cloud adapted to every user — and guaranteed resources (CPU, RAM, and bandwidth). Based on OpenStack open-source software, our Public Cloud is distinguished by its features: extreme performance, portability, and flexibility. You can access your cloud via an intuitive customer interface or API.


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cloud instances

Cloud Instance

Public Cloud Instances (virtual servers) combine flexibility and guaranteed resources. In less than a minute, you can get the CPU, RAM, and storage you need with no over-allocation of resources. 

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Object Storage

Looking for unlimited data storage in the cloud? With Object Storage, you only pay for what you use, with no size or duration limitations.


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Block Storage

Instead of having to buy more instances to increase storage capacity, Block Storage lets you add more disks to your instance.


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Archive Storage

Need cold storage for your data backup? Cloud Archive is the perfect solution for archiving your data across all geographical areas where our Public Cloud is available.


OVHcloud Network and Security

Networking & Security

Whether you are extending an on-premises data center to OVHcloud, managing a group of servers as one private LAN, creating (and managing) a high-availability application deployment, or combining all of the above, OVHcloud has a right-fit solution. Service availability, monitoring, automatic failover? No problem. To mitigate your risk of cyber attacks and to keep your services available, every OVHcloud solution includes Anti-DDoS protection.


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