August 27, 2018
OVHcloud Offers New Opportunities for Partners to Provide Secure and Cost-effective Bare Metal and Hosted Private Cloud Infrastructure

RESTON, Va., Aug. 27, 2018 -- OVHcloud, a global cloud provider, today announced the launch of the OVHcloud™ Partner Program to expand the market opportunity of its Infrastructure-as-a-Service offerings to customers. With the new partner program, resellers, system integrators, system outsourcers (SISO), and managed service providers (MSP) will offer new OVHcloud solutions and benefit from providing alternative and lower cost options to their customers. 

OVHcloud will enable partners to grow their cloud business by bringing infrastructure options to include the VMware-based hosted private cloud, bare metal servers, and/or public cloud. The program consists of four tiers, giving partners the opportunity to select the level that most aligns with their business goals. Each level provides different resources, benefits, and financial incentives to support customer and sales needs. Visit OVHcloud to learn more about these programs.

“As a leading IT solutions provider, FusionStorm is excited to bring more choice to our customers by leveraging OVHcloud’s long-standing expertise building and operating a trusted and secure cloud infrastructure,” said Richard Bocchinfuso, director of engineering, FusionStorm, OVHcloud partner. “FusionStorm believes that the combination of OVHcloud’s infrastructure and FusionStorm’s vast engineering capabilities provides an incredibly simple path for VMware-based customers to experience the agility of the cloud while dramatically reducing risk associated with cloud transformation. FusionStorm is excited to be one of the first partners to bring OVHcloud to the U.S. market.”

The OVHcloud Partner Program offers benefits including:

  • Breadth of offerings: Partners can take advantage of multiple offerings ranging from VMware-based hosted private cloud to public cloud to bare metal. This wide variety of options gives partners the ability to pick the offering that works best for delivering their solutions to clients. 
  • Revenue opportunity: Partners can leverage an already price-competitive OVHcloud offering coupled with partner discounts to build a strong business model. 
  • Flexibility and agility: Partners have the flexibility and agility to run their business and scale with their clients. 
  • Resources and support: Partners will access support including training, marketing, and sales activity planning to ensure partner success.

“VMware understands the critical role that partners play in serving technology organizations today as they bring unique expertise and understanding of business challenges. As a long-time VMware partner and an OVHcloud partner, FusionStorm is uniquely positioned to deliver value add managed services to customers atop the OVHcloud offerings,” said Ajay Patel, senior vice president and general manager, cloud provider software business unit at VMware. “This new OVHcloud Partner Program is a win for the industry, a win for the partner community, and a win for customers.”

“Our new partner program opens a significant opportunity for MSPs, resellers, and solution providers to expand their value proposition and grow their business. Infrastructure is our business and for almost 20 years, businesses of all sizes have relied on us to manage their most critical applications,” said David Wigglesworth, chief revenue officer of OVH US. “We are excited to collaborate with VMware, FusionStorm, and others to provide more options for IT service providers, more customer flexibility, and bring OVHcloud innovation to the market.”

To learn more about the OVHcloud Partner Program, visit OVHcloud.

About OVHcloud
OVHcloud™ is a global cloud provider that specializes in delivering industry-leading performance and cost-effective solutions to manage, secure, and scale businesses. OVHcloud provides a smarter alternative for bare metal servers, hosted private cloud, and public cloud solutions. Vertically integrated with its own network, server technology, and green data centers, OVHcloud operates more effectively and passes these benefits to its customers and partners. Openness, freedom of choice, and freedom to innovate are at the core of OVHcloud and what businesses depend on to run their most critical applications. Learn more about OVHcloud. OVHcloud in the US is provided by a subsidiary of OVH, one of the largest European hosting providers with over 2,500 employees worldwide. OVH is trusted by more than one million customers across 138 countries, with a global network consisting of 28 data centers, 33 points of presence, and thousands of miles of dark fiber. 

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