May 31, 2017
Since its launch back in 2015, the OVH Public Cloud offer has been constantly evolving in order to better meet the requirements of its customers. This trend is still continuing today with the arrival of the GPU series, a first in the history of the European cloud leader.

As a reminder, the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) is a graphics processor equipped on the servers’ motherboard. This technology offers a significant advantage for activities involving high-performance graphics (video transcoding, sequence preview), for research applications with large databases or for deep learning.

How does it work?

Powered by the NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1060 6GB GPU, these new instances are providing all the benefits of Public Cloud (high availability resources, billed hourly) for OVH customers who require high-performance graphics and substantial parallel computing.

This offer is open to everyone; all you need to do is create a new Public Cloud instance, and then choose the GPU series among the options available (CPU, RAM, etc.). GPU instances come with 15 GB of RAM at the rate of $0.343/h (or $123.20/month) or with 30 GB of RAM for $0.529/h (or $190.40/month).

An offer that’s already proving its worth

As a startup specialized in collaborative projects and multimedia processing, Weaverize was the first to test this infrastructure thanks to the support of the OVH Digital Launch Pad program which offers credits and advice to young innovative companies. “Using the GPU has allowed us to process a large amount of data volume up to 1,000 times faster than with a classic Public Cloud instance; this is a significant gain in terms of performance — and, of course, cost! In practice, this formula will allow us to aggregate a lot of traffic while complying with the high requirements of our business, but also to easily take on load peaks thanks to the flexibility of the Public Cloud instances; these are all advantages that provide exactly what our startup needs”, notes Rémi Auguste, founder of Weaverize.

Public Cloud continues to be a success

This new feature was introduced only a few days after the announcement of the Cloud Spectator 2017 ranking, in which the company took first place in Europe, and second in North America. Every year, Cloud Spectator compares the various public cloud offers available on the market, based on their performance/price ratio. 

Efficient, secure and flexible, Public Cloud passes the test with flying colors thanks to some valuable assets still at the heart of OVH’s requirements: ownership of an 11 Tbps global network, anti-DDoS protection included by default, triple data replication, hourly or monthly billing, all this topped with an SLA of 99.999%... 

With the launch of its GPU instances, OVH is confirming its commitment to put Public Cloud at the service of global innovation.

About OVH

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