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Why partner with OVHcloud

Why OVHcloud

OVHcloud Innovation = Customer Advantage

Our ability to think ahead and meet innovative challenges is what sets the company apart from competitors and puts us one step ahead in the market. Ground-breaking innovation is deeply inscribed in OVHcloud’s past, present, and future.

This eye on innovation has resulted in our approach to maintaining complete control of the supply chain, from server manufacturing to in-house maintenance of the infrastructure, including customer support. We also embrace an open cloud concept, allowing customers to make a choice in their providers, platforms, and connections. Our customers have the freedom of choice and the flexibility to manage their businesses in the most effective way possible.  

As a result, OVHcloud delivers products at a better value than any other provider. And that’s a plus for our customers.

OVH is passionate about our customers

We Are Passionate About Our Customers

OVHcloud has teams of experts who share the passion for creating and producing the best quality cloud services for customers. We are on a mission to make customers’ lives easier. This mindset leads us to work with enthusiasm and commitment.

  • We listen, we hear, we change for our customers
  • We innovate to bring the best to our customers
  • We build and support portability of customers’ workloads
  • We provide world-class support 24/7

Your benefits: Customers receive unparalleled value in the best products, with the best performance, and the best support available today.

We Build Our Own Servers

We have been designing and building our own servers, from the sheet metal up, since 2002. This expertise enables strong relationships with top manufacturers and chip developers, as well as high-quality machines that are both customizable and reliable.

Your benefits: Customers always have access to the latest and greatest server technology for higher performance, and experience speed superior to others at competitive prices.

We Build Data Centers Around the World

We have been designing, managing, and maintaining our own data centers since 2003. With 28 data centers across four continents, OVHcloud has successfully completed a global data center approach and continues to expand to meet customers’ needs. 

Your benefits: With this global infrastructure in place, customers receive more scale options and operational efficiencies, all of which lead to increased value.

We Own Our Global Network

We are one of the few hosting companies to deploy, manage, and maintain our own global fiber-optic network while delivering excellent service to our customers around the world.


Your benefits: With an 15+ Tbps fiber-optic network capacity, OVHcloud customers benefit from best-in-class speed and performance. With more than 28 data centers and an additional 33 points of presence (PoPs), customers are never far from our network.

We Use Green Technology

We have been committed to reducing energy consumption in our data centers since 2003, which is why we have created an innovative and proprietary water-cooling approach. This method is not only good for the environment, but it also reduces costs.

Your benefits: Peace of mind from using technology solutions that reduce environmental impact and add value. All savings in operating costs are passed along to our customers.

We Prioritize Security

We have an enduring focus to keep customer data safe and secure. To provide customers with the highest level of security, we have carefully set up best practices at all levels of the organization supported by world-class Anti-DDoS detection and protection infrastructure. The availability, integrity, and confidentiality of customer content are fail-safe.

Your benefits: With these measures in place, customers have peace of mind knowing their information security is receiving a best-in-class approach.

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