Certification: ISO/IEC 27017

ISO 27017

ISO/IEC 27017:2015 Code of Practice for Information Security Controls

The ISO / IEC 27017:2015 code of practice is designed for organizations to use as a reference for selecting cloud services information security controls when implementing a cloud computing information security management system based on ISO/ IEC 27002:2013. It can also be used by cloud service providers as a guidance document for implementing commonly accepted protection controls.

This international standard provides additional cloud-specific implementation guidance based on ISO/IEC 27002, as well as additional controls to address cloud-specific information security threats and risks referring to clauses 5 to 18 in ISO / IEC 27002:2013 for controls, implementation guidance, and other information. ISO/IEC 27017 is unique in providing guidance for both cloud service providers and customers.


This certification applies to:
  • Hosted Private Cloud – OVH BHS and SBG data centers only; process started in the US
  • vCloud® Air™ powered by OVH data centers worldwide.
  • Dedicated Servers – in RBX data centers (data center accreditation)

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