Managed Bare Metal

VMware virtualization managed and operated by OVHcloud

Your scalable dedicated cloud, hosted and supervised by OVHcloud, available in minutes.

With the Essentials range, choose managed VMware virtualization and focus on your core business.

  • Quick, automated deployment
    Quick, automated deployment
  • Value for money
    Value for money
  • Scalable to fit your needs
    Scalable to fit your needs
  • A fully-managed infrastructure
    A fully-managed infrastructure
  • VMware license included
    VMware license included
  • High availability
    High availability with a 99.7% SLA

Why choose our Managed Bare Metal solution?

Ready to deploy OVHcloud

Ready to deploy

Get a dedicated physical and virtual infrastructure, pre-configured and available in minutes. From the vSphere interface, create your virtual machines without having to worry about the technical aspects. Simply deploy your applications and websites in just a few minutes.

Cost control with OVHcloud

Cost control

We take care of your infrastructure’s maintenance and configuration. It is operational from the very first connection, and we apply security updates for even more reliability. This means you do not have to plan any extra budgets, or maintenance teams. Costs are predictable, and both ingress and egress traffic are unlimited.

OVHcloud scalability


Our Managed Bare Metal solution adapts to your project’s growth. From the vSphere interface or the OVHcloud Control Panel, you can add and remove resources in just a few clicks. During traffic spikes, simply increase your infrastructure capacity, then reduce it at the end of the period. These additional resources are billed on an hourly or monthly basis.

Your fully-integrated and 100% dedicated VMware environment

With Managed Bare Metal, you get a scalable dedicated server infrastructure, OVHcloud-managed virtualization, and advanced monitoring features.

Our 3 starter packs include:

  • 2 hosts, which you can select the size of
  • 2 datastores for high-performance storage
  • The VMware Enterprise Plus virtualization solution and the vSphere hypervisor
A data center in your choice of location, with ISO 27001, SOC I and II type 2 certifications

Your OVHcloud VMware environment

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