Veeam Managed Backup

 Veeam Backup Managed, notre solution de Backup as a Service pour la sauvegarde de vos VM

Veeam Managed Backup — our Backup-as-a-Service solution for your VMs

Protecting and backing up your VMs is an essential part of ensuring long-term stability for your infrastructure. This is why we offer a managed backup solution based on Veeam Backup & Replication technology. You can use it to restore your data simply, by enabling automatic backup for your VMs.


VM backups are fully automated and monitored by OVHcloud. You can restore these machines at any time.

Storage included

Your data backups are stored in dedicated, complimentary infrastructures. You can access your backups easily, via an administration link.

Daily monitoring

You are sent a custom report every day. This report will include a list of all your backups, and their respective statuses.

Multiple solution levels available

Size of VM Standard Advanced Premium
Up to 250 GB allocated
$8.00 $15.00 $50.00
Between 250 GB and 1 TB allocated
$15.00 $49.00 $167.00
Between 1 TB and 2 TB allocated
(dedicated proxy required, +$24.00 per unit)
$25.00 $89.00 $334.00
Above 2 TB allocated




More details on our solutions

Features Standard Advanced Premium
Custom backup report Yes  Yes Yes
Encrypted backup Yes Yes Yes
Custom start time for backups No Yes Yes
Number of retentions (1 point = 1 day) 14 points 35 points 35 points
Number of full backups 2 5 5
Off-site replication No Yes Yes
Choice of days for each backup No Yes Yes
Long-term retention (GFS Retention) No No Yes (11 points)
1 proxy backup per host No No Yes



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We are here to help you get started. You may schedule a free consultation with an OVHcloud advisor to discuss an architecture that best suits your business needs. 

A detailed look at how the backup system works

Automatique, transparent et sans impact sur votre espace utile
Automatic, transparent and with no impact on available space

Your managed backups are taken from the VMs selected, using the OVHcloud Veeam Server. Then your management vLAN for your infrastructure transfers your data to your repository configured in RAID. This operation is managed by our teams. With this additional storage, you will have more usable space on the infrastructure.

Machine virtuelle prérequise
Virtual machine requirements

To enable Veeam Managed Backup on your Hosted Private Cloud, you need to create a virtual machine based on Windows. If you have a Windows Data Center license ordered from OVHcloud, the license cost will be included. If you do not have a Windows Data Center license ordered from OVHcloud, an additional charge will be applied for the license. To create a Windows VM, you will need to enable the HA and DRS services in vSphere. This virtual machine will follow the DRS affinity rules you have defined.

Stabilité de vos sauvegardes
Backup stability

For stability reasons, we cannot take backups of VMs with a volume higher than 2TB. If you have over 15 VMs backed up, you might need to create an additional proxy backup to ensure that your backups will be taken successfully.