HG Dedicated Servers

Serveurs Dédiés Haut de Gamme

Premium customizable HG servers

Our premium customizable HG server series is designed to support resource-intensive production environments and offer high service availability. These servers are perfect for supporting workloads that involve big data, machine learning and critical databases.

The advantages of a HG server

High availability

HG dedicated servers offer rack level redundancy and dual power for continuous performance, including a redundant architecture of electrical circuits, cooling, network, and power supply. Replace any disk with this range without interruption of service.


HG servers are extremely customizable and versatile, to accommodate all your needs and workflows. Choose one or two processors, the amount of RAM, the type of RAID (software or hardware), and the storage media best suited to your projects. You can also enhance your configuration with graphics processors (GPUs). Your customized server will meet all your requirements.

High quality components

With over two decades years of experience in server design, OVHcloud offers you the best possible performance. Thanks to a rigorous selection of the best components on the market, and their full optimization through intensive testing, we deliver first-class results. Enjoy the freedom to focus on your business, by relying on HG servers.

Discover the prices for the HG dedicated servers range

Choose the right server from a wide range of models and options.


The OVH private network (vRack)

DDoS protection

To provide maximum security for your infrastructure DDoS protection is included with your OVHcloud dedicated servers. It ensures the continuity of service of your applications in case of attack.

Big data

Optimize your workloads and data analysis by creating clusters, based on balanced machines with high storage density.

Effortlessly create your ideal server infrastructure to manage the volume, variety, and speed of data, while extracting its full value by running analytics.

Make the most of Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark, with Cloudera, Hortonworks, or MapR.

AI & Machine Learning

The rise of artificial intelligence is leading companies to use ever more powerful servers for high-performance computing (HPC).

This computing capacity is essential to the delivery of the computational loads required for artificial intelligence, such as neural network modelling, image recognition, structural analysis, or fraud detection.

The computing power needed to drive neural networks is most often provided by Nvidia P100 graphics processors.


Hadoop is an open-source framework, based on the Java language, designed to facilitate the creation of distributed and scalable applications. Hadoop supports large data processing in distributed environments.

Operating in clusters, its distributed file system promotes a high rate of data transfer between nodes. It allows the system to work uninterrupted, even in the event that one element fails.

Apache Spark

Spark is an open-source distributed computing framework. This solution offers a big data processing application framework for complex analysis, on a very large scale.

Its main advantage is its speed, since it can launch programs 100 times faster than Hadoop MapReduce in-memory, and 10 times faster than on disk.

Its ease of use and versatility complement its multiple advantages over other frameworks.


Elasticsearch is a powerful search and analysis engine, based on an Apache Software project. It is free software, written in Java.

It provides a full-text, multi-tenant distributed search engine with a RESTFul API, whose features are saved as JSON documents.

It can solve a growing number of tasks, thanks to its scalability, with a system of clustering and load balancing. It is also able to reconstruct data lost due to (for example) a defective node.

Optional with HG servers

Drive customization

When ordering your dedicated server, you have the option of customizing its storage capacity with a wide range of drives.

Additional public bandwidth

Our dedicated servers have a default public bandwidth. Depending on the needs of your business, you can add additional  bandwidth. This ensures you maintain a constant flow for your incoming and outgoing traffic.

Additional IP addresses

You can associate up to 256 IP addresses to your server, with no monthly fees. Only installation costs of $3.00 are charged. IP addresses and/or IP blocks are transferable between OVHcloud servers, allowing you to keep them when changing machines. 

Assistance and Documentation

A range of documentation and online help is available to assist you during the installation and configuration of your dedicated server.

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Frequently asked questions