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With the only dual processor in the Infrastructure range, this server is specially designed to execute complex workloads. With Intel AVX-512 VNNI technology integrated into Intel Xeon SP processors, you will get the very highest possible performance for these operations.

This configuration is particularly well-adapted to VMware virtualisation environments, as well as containerization environments, such as Docker.

Along with enhanced computing power, you will also get high levels of public and private bandwidth. For distributed architectures, you can enable the OVH Link Aggregation (OLA) network feature to increase your server’s availability.

A high number of threads

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Optimized parallel computing

High RAM density

Price: 243.2
CPU: 2x Intel Xeon Silver 4214 12 cores / 24 threads - 2.2 GHz
Public bandwidth: 1 Gbps
Storage: 2×960 GB SSD NVMe
Memory: 96 GB DDR4 ECC
Private bandwidth: 2 Gbps

Included with your server

IPv4 and IPv6 addresses

Each server has a public IPv4 address and an IPv6 address range. As an option, you can rent additional IPv4 addresses for your dedicated server (up to 256 per machine).


Your server has a default minimum public bandwidth of 1Gbps. Incoming and outgoing traffic is unlimited and free.

vRack private network

Your server is provided with our private physical network: vRack. This lets you create your own cluster, or include your server in an existing infrastructure. This is fully isolated from the internet, and delivered at no extra cost.

Configuration and options

Price for a 12-month commitment
96 GB DDR4 ECC 2,400 MHz Included
192 GB DDR4 ECC 2,400 MHz $48.45 /month
384 GB DDR4 ECC 2,400 MHz $145.35 /month
2 x 960 GB SSD NVMe Soft RAID Included
3 x 4 TB HDD SATA Soft RAID Included
2 x 960 GB SSD NVMe Soft RAID + 2 x 6 TB HDD SATA Soft RAID $37.05 /month
2 x 1.92 TB SSD NVMe Soft RAID $46.55 /month
3 x 6 TB HDD SATA Hard RAID $49.40 /month
4 x 960 GB SSD SATA Hard RAID $63.65 /month
3 x 1.92 TB SSD NVMe Soft RAID $70.30 /month
3 x 3.84 TB SSD NVMe Soft RAID $152.95 /month
Public bandwidth:
1 Gbps unmetered (burst 2 Gbps) Included
2 Gbps guaranteed $137.00 /month
3 Gbps guaranteed $217.00 /month
4 Gbps guaranteed $286.00 /month
Private bandwidth:
2 Gbps unmetered Included
3 Gbps unmetered $35.00 /month
4 Gbps unmetered $46.00 /month
5 Gbps unmetered $58.00 /month


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Critical business applications

Support and Documentation

We offer a range of documentation and online support to assist you in setting up and configuring your dedicated server.

Guides and documentation
Frequently asked questions
Frequently asked questions